2016 Chatham Invitational Basketball Tournament

Students from Central Carolina Community College-ABE, Jordan-Matthews High School & Northwood High School Special Education Classes participated in a basketball tournament at Paul Braxton Gym, Siler City on April 5, 2016.

A Great Way to End The Winter Quarter

Lots of certificates for level completion and excellent attendance were awarded to ESL students last night. A special note of appreciation to the ESL teachers at the Siler City Center : Amanda and Johnny. See you all after the spring break! :)

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The writing skill most foreign language teachers don’t teach: interactional writing

The Language Gym


1.What is writership?

Chatting online or texting via SMS, WATSAPP, etc. has become part and parcel of our daily life, the verb and noun ‘chat’ alluding to the fact that although we are writing we are in fact ‘talking’ to someone. Just like in a face-to-face conversation when chatting online we have to respond to our interlocutor in real time if we want to ‘stay’ in the conversation and, most importantly, if we want to keep him or her engaged.

Since in real-life face-to-face communication applied linguists refer to interactionallistening as ‘Listenership’ I will henceforth call the set of skills involved in interactional writing: ‘Writership’.

Listenership and Writership have many similarities in terms of the cognitive processes they involve. There are, however, important differences, too. Besides the most obvious difference , i.e. the fact that  communication does not happen through the oral medium, there is another…

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Thanks Ms. Lori!

Students at the Pittsboro Main Campus had their last class with Lori Carswell. We all said our goodbyes and thanked Lori for two wonderful years in the ESL Program. Thanks for being such an amazing teacher. We will truly miss you. 

Congratulations to students who completed the winter quarter:) You have made such a great improvement! 


Choose Your Own End of The Story

Look at the pictures in the story “A Traveler’s Nightmare” and write what happened. You may start your writing in this way:

   Ben Armstrong was walking down a dark street in a strange city. He was carrying a backpack with his laptop with his work, his photos, and his whole life. Suddenly, …


After writing the story yo may read the real story and choose your own ending.


Making Inferences

Look up the following words in the dictionary and write an example with each of them:

Infer (v)

Inference (n.)

Watch the following video to find out more about making inferences in reading.

This poster was created by Lisa Reel.

This poster was created by Lindsay Flood

Outlines or Thinking Maps

When you write a paragraph or an essay, you need to organize your ideas by the use of OUTLINES. An outline or a “thinking map” is like the skeleton of a paragraph or essay. You DO NOT need to write the ideas in complete sentences. Use only words or phrases to remind yourself of your ideas.

Here is a very cool link with an interactive outline for a “Persuasion/ Opinion Paragraph”: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/persuasion_map/