Speaking Lesson: Giving Advice

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Just a Word

I enjoy sharing speaking lesson plans, since my speaking classes don’t follow a book or curriculum, only a list of topics. This week, we are preparing for next week’s speaking final, in which the students will have to speak for 2-3 minutes on one of three topics. One of the topics is giving advice. Here is the lesson plan I developed for this topic:

Level: Upper beginner/Lower intermediate
Time: 50 minutes
Materials: Dear Abby strips; whiteboard

For this lesson, I began by eliciting advice language from my students – for example:
You should ______…
You must _______…
You can _______…

I found it helpful today to give the students these phrases with a general sense of importance. This gave my students a reference for which verb to choose based on how important the information they were sharing was. For example:
can, could, may = 50%
should, ought to = 80%

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Winter Registrations 2018



Registration Dates: January 2, 9, and 1


Inscripciones: 2, 9 y 16 de enero

Morning Class: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
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Career Awareness Friday 2017 (1)

Assessment of an Individual’s Assets & Limitations &  Development of a Positive Self-Concept

Amy Cuddy’s Fake it until You Make it

 TED Talk

Students in Della’s, Kyle’s, Anita’s, and Julia’s class learned:

  • How their body language shapes who they are

  • How their minds can change their body

  • How non verbals can change their life (work, interviews, presentations, and meetings)

  • How self image is conducive to positive changes

  • How good posture and confidence in ourselves will help us succeed

  • How to put Amy Cuddy’s theory into practice

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