Descriptive Paragraphs

A descriptive paragraph, describes how something or someone looks or feels. It gives an impression of something. If, for example, you only wanted to write specific information about a certain river, you could write a paragraph filled with facts about a river. However, if you wanted to tell about the feelings you had when you sailed on a boat on the same river, you would write a descriptive paragraph.


A descriptive paragraph:

  • describes

  • gives impressions, not definitions

  • “shows” the reader

  • creates a sensory * image in the reader’s mind

*related to the five senses: hearing, taste, touch, sight, and smell

Source: Great Writing 4th Ed. Unit 8 page 156 (Cengage Learning)

PRACTICE: Great Writing 2: Great Paragraphs, 3rd Edition Unit 8

WRITING: What does your room say about you?

1) Open the link below, read the NPR article, and study the  different bedrooms from around the world

2) Brainstorm some sensory adjectives that describe your bedroom.

3) Write a topic sentence with a controlling idea.

4) Write supporting sentences that relate to the topic

5) Make sure the adjectives mean precisely what you want them to mean – check both positive and negative meanings.

6) Use prepositional phrases of location in your paragraph.

7) Make sure your concluding sentence related to the topic

8) Type your paragraph in this blog post.


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