Exploring our Finances

Dear Students:

This week you learned about several topics related to personal finances. In this post, you will explore some websites and choose a topic you want to research.

Credit: 401kcalculator.org

Credit: 401kcalculator.org

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser (e.i.Google) and type the following: “GCF Learning”

  2. Click on the link  “GCF Global Learning”

  3. Look at the different topics you can learn in this website

  4. Scroll down the page

  5. Click on “All Topics”

  6. Search for “Online Money Tips”

  7. Select topic you would like to explore in depth

  8. Make a comment to this post by answering the following questions:

  • What topic did you choose? Why?

  • What did you learn about the topic? Summarize the main points.

  • Was the information useful? Why?

  • How are you going to apply this knowledge in your every-day life? (Now that you have this new information, what do you plan to do?)


4 thoughts on “Exploring our Finances

    Because, I had saw how my friends spent a lot time filling a Federal tax forms.
    Today, I’m learning how can I paying The Federal Taxes on line, and in this link I get useful information, for example if you downloads a software, which name in FREEFILE you can pay your taxes and then you will be directed to a different website and previously you must check your skills about security web and you can to complete the process, and later you need to mix your information about your finances and you can get a refund money that depend your income, because if your incomes are $60.000 or less yoy have a special option.
    There are two ways to pay your taxes on line. The First you need to fill PDF form and another one you need to download the tax software (app) this option is the easier for pay your taxes because you just answer a series of questions about your income and finances and you have not make math operation the computer make that for you.

    Now, I will pay my taxes for myself and I will be able to help to my friends.

  2. I chose “online banking 101” because I’m interested in this information . I learned more information on how I can have a bank account ,and how I can use a computer ,and transfer money to pay bills or do almost any other banking activity . My plan is to pay my bills online. It is better for me to I save my time and my money. I won’t have to buy any stamps.

  3. my name is Karina and I choose the topic “paying your taxes online” because it is interesting for me, I can learn how to pay my taxes online. I won’t have to fill out forms. I can save a lot of time. I could pay my taxes online now.

  4. I choose online money tips because i want to learn how to get a free credit report.
    It’s very important because to learn how to get better and easier loans It’s equally important to check for any fraudulent activity. Now I can take better ways to manage money. Now i can take low interest rate and save more money. 🙂

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