Three Universal Human Concerns: Love, Money, and Security

Based on this YouTube video, students identified three universal human concerns: love, money, and security

We then tried to apply these three concerns to the immigrant experience using the saying, “We are all in the same boat.” — whether we are immigrants today in Siler City or immigrants 100 years ago to New York City.  We looked at some photos made by Danish immigrant Jacob Riis, author of the famous book “How the Other Half Lives”.  The photos show an immigrant experience harsher and more squalid than people tend to experience today.  Finally, students were asked to read a paragraph from the Wikipedia biography of Jacob Riis.  It is difficult English, but they are only looking for words related to the three concerns.  They copied these words in their notebook and then we shared as a whole class.

In the next few classes, students will watch and discuss  “inspirational videos”, such as  short segments on Ellis Island and on the richest man of that era, the world’s first millionaire, John D Rockefeller.

Post by Don Byrne


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