My Favorite Dish

Julia's favorite dish YUMM!!

Julia’s favorite dish: Mom’s guiso de verduras con carne. YUMM!!

What were your favorite foods when you were a child?

When did your family have special meals?

The questions below will help you write two paragraphs about a family recipe:


  1. Who was the best cook in your family when you were a child?

  2. When did this person cook special meals?

  3. Did you help the person cook? How? If not, what did you do?


  1. What was your favorite food that he/she cooked?

  2. How did the person prepare the food? (List three important ingredients)

  3. Was there a secret ingredient? If so, what was it?




2 thoughts on “My Favorite Dish


    When I was a child in Mexico, my grandmother was the best cook in the family. On mother’s day, she cooked a big meal for everyone. I usually helped her.
    Grandmother’s mole was my family favorite dish. It was delicious, sweet, and spicy all the same time. First we clean the chicken, wash, cut, and boil. Then she chopped up tomatoes, onions, garlic, dry chilies, added salt, peanuts, tortillas, and chocolate. Then she cooked everything together. Lastly she put little sugar to make it sweet and delicious. Finally, we cooked the rice for the mole. That day was so special for my grandmother and my mother.
    We had a good time. I will never forget that day. Now I miss the dish because she doesn’t live with me anymore. One day I’ll be with her again and I will taste that delicious dish.

    When I was child in Guatemala, The best cook in my family was my Grandmother. My Grandmother’s favorite recipe is the chili. She added the chili on every meal. She prepared tomato sauce, added a little of lemon juice to it and pineapple. The secrets ingredients of the recipe are tomato, sauce, lemon juice, and 3 slices of pineapple.
    I never helped my Grandmother, because I don’t like cooking, my favorite food that she made is the grilled beef. She always made grilled beef for my birthday, I love my Grandmother’s food.

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