Conversation about Childhood -Simple Past Practice

Used with permission from lawgeek via 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Read the sentences below. Put a check next to the things you did when you were a child.

____I got good grades at school

____I took music lessons.

____I lived with my grandparents.

____I got an allowance*. (*money children usually get once a week)

____I had a pet.

____I studied English.

____I had a bike.

____I lived in the country.

Pair work: Get in pairs and share your list with your partner. Take turns to ask each other questions about your statements. Have a conversation like the following one:

__X__ I played soccer.

A: I didn’t play soccer when I was a child.

B: Why didn’t you play soccer?

A: My parents wanted me to play tennis instead.

B: Really? That sounds like fun.


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