Letters of Excuse

                                                                               August 22, 2014
Dear Ms. Julia:
              I’m not coming at school today. I don’t feel well. I have a headache.
Maybe tomorrow I will be there. Excuse me please.
                                                                       Thank you,

                                                                                August 22, 2014
Dear Ms. Gia
I’m a student in Mrs. Julia’s class. I can’t go to class tomorrow. Please cancel my transportation.
                                                                     Thank you,



August 22, 2014.
Dear Ms. Julia,

I am sick and I can’t attend classes today. I have an appointment in the morning. Excuse me please.
Thank you,
Fabiola Palacios.

All About Me in Word Processor

Look what beginners have done at the computer lab today! :)

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A Bad Day at Work

Jisselle class at the Siler City Center made this video to win a prize in the Oxford Picture Dictionary video contest. Please open the link and vote for A Bad Day at Work video. Also, share this video with your friends to help Jisselle and her class win this fun competition. THANkS :0)



Collaborative /Communicative Teacher’s Resource Books

The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Reproducible Activities

Activity Types
Focused Listening I
Focused Listening II
TPR Sequence
Information Exchange
Board Game
Language Experience Approach (LEA) Picture
Language Experience Approach (LEA) Project
Life Skills Reading
Narrative Reading

Side by Side Communication Games

Concentration Game
Information Gap
Board Game
Picture Differences
Listening Grid/Game
Group Discussion
Mystery Game
Pick a Card
Team Competition
Pantomime Game

Word by Word Communication Games

Information Gap
Board Games
Listening Game
Classroom Search
Word Clue Game
Pair Competition

Ventures Collaborative Activities

Conversation cards
Conversation Pairs
Collaborative Activity
Partner Dictation
Share Information
Student Interview
Jigsaw Reading
Role Play
Real-life Documents (Basic, 1, 2)

Future English for Results

Board game
Build a Sentence
Drawing Game
Find Someone Who
Give and Take Game
Information Gap
Matching Game
Miming Game
Picture Match
Picture-Based Story
Question and Answer Game

What a Wonderful Year!

Congratulations to all the ESL Students at the Siler City Center. Let’s celebrate on your achievements and accomplishments throughout this academic year. Your teachers are VERY proud of you

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Soup Recipe

ESL Beginners read the story, “A Good Cook” and learned vocabulary on vegetables. Then they watched this short video clip from the movie Ratatouille and wrote their own recipes: