Registration for The Summer Quarter @ SCC

Registration for the Siler City Center:

First Registration: July 21st

Second Registration: July 28th

Last Registration: August 4th

If you want to take morning classes, you need to register at 9:00am. If you prefer night classes, please come at 6:00pm


Registration for the Pittsboro Campus:

First Registration: July 23rd

Second Registration: July 30th

Last Registration: August 6th

Plan to attend the orientation and class from 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Collaborative /Communicative Teacher’s Resource Books

The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Reproducible Activities

Activity Types
Focused Listening I
Focused Listening II
TPR Sequence
Information Exchange
Board Game
Language Experience Approach (LEA) Picture
Language Experience Approach (LEA) Project
Life Skills Reading
Narrative Reading

Side by Side Communication Games

Concentration Game
Information Gap
Board Game
Picture Differences
Listening Grid/Game
Group Discussion
Mystery Game
Pick a Card
Team Competition
Pantomime Game

Word by Word Communication Games

Information Gap
Board Games
Listening Game
Classroom Search
Word Clue Game
Pair Competition

Ventures Collaborative Activities

Conversation cards
Conversation Pairs
Collaborative Activity
Partner Dictation
Share Information
Student Interview
Jigsaw Reading
Role Play
Real-life Documents (Basic, 1, 2)

Future English for Results

Board game
Build a Sentence
Drawing Game
Find Someone Who
Give and Take Game
Information Gap
Matching Game
Miming Game
Picture Match
Picture-Based Story
Question and Answer Game

What a Wonderful Year!

Congratulations to all the ESL Students at the Siler City Center. Let’s celebrate on your achievements and accomplishments throughout this academic year. Your teachers are VERY proud of you

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Soup Recipe

ESL Beginners read the story, “A Good Cook” and learned vocabulary on vegetables. Then they watched this short video clip from the movie Ratatouille and wrote their own recipes:





HEP Graduates at Wake Tech Ceremony

HEP graduates from the Siler City Center had their second graduation ceremony at the Wake Tech Main Campus in Raleigh. Way to go, students!

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Carolyn’s Class on Calendars

My intern Carolyn Ashford-Works prepared a very creative lesson on calendars. Students enjoyed learning about months, days of the week, seasons, and ordinal numbers. :)

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Cover Letters

Last quarter we learned career related vocabulary, job interviewing skills, how to give job feedback, and how to write memos. This quarter we have learned about career planning resources, and how to write covers letters and resumes. We will tie it all together doing mock job interviews next week.

Cover letter activity:

Students were asked to think about what kind of work they would like to do in the future. They completed a career interest inventory which confirmed many of their choices.  Then, they were asked to write a cover letter to a fictitious employer responding to a job listing (many students wrote about their dream jobs). This is the final product :)

Jisselle Perdomo


March 14, 2014

Mr. Javier Pulido

104 Craft Ln

Siler city NC

919 799 8351


Ms. Barbara Dominguez

Director, human resources

1302 2nd Ave

Orlando FL 27285


Dear Ms. Dominguez:


This letter is in response to your job listing in the newspaper for a tourist guide. I am enclosing my resume.


I have four year of experience as a tourist guide. I have been trained to speak to people. I  speak fluent English, Spanish and Russian, I get along with people and I am very friendly.


I would like very much to meet you. I have listed my contact information above. Thank you for considering me for this position.


Sincerely yours,

Javier Pulido


Date: 4/16/2014

Mr. Antonio Landa

1205 York St

Siler City NC

(919) 799-9278


Ms. Lee Porter

Director Human Resources

Vanit’s Department Store INC.

1000 Oleander Drive

Bayside, FL  34748


Dear Ms. Poter

This letter is in response to your job listing. I’m interested in the construction worker position. I have ten years as a worker. My construction jobs are excellent .I’m reliable, organized, hardworking and friendly.


Thank you very much for considering me for this position.


Antonio Landa


Ms. Madai Ventura

P.O. Box 723 Siler City,

NC. 27344

(919) 5480552

April 23, 2014


Ms. Cherry Crisco

Supervisor, Department Sew,

Motion Easy Reclaim, Furniture

1060 Oxford Avenue

Randleman, NC. 27733.


Dear Ms. Cherry:


This letter is in response to your job listing at the Motion Easy Reclaim for Department of sew.

I am enclosing my resume.


I have six years’ experience using different machines for example: Zippers machine, borders machine, double needle, top stich, and needle. I am studying ESL, I am reliable, organized, and  hardworking.


I would like to work in your company. You can contact to me.


Sincerely yours,

Madai Ventura.


Norma Perdomo

14 Stone St.

Siler City, NC 27344

(919) 545-19-08

Norma P @ g mail-com


M r Luis Sanches

144 Moore St.

Siler City NC 27344


Mr Sanches,


This letter is in response to your job listing for the sewer position.


I have twenty-five years’ experience as a sewer. I know how to work in different kinds of machines. I’m reliable and friendly.


I would like very much to meet with you for a interview. I have listed my contact information above


Thanks, sincerely

Norma Perdomo


Ms. Maria Herrera

1202 North Hampton St

Siler City N.C, 27344



Dear Mr. Bill


This letter is for you, I’ m interested to get a better job. I’m enclosing my resume.


I have five years of experience working at the restaurant in the kitchen. I was

Cooked and cleaned too. I have experience and also Speaks Spanish and English.

I’m really organized and hard working.


I will appreciate to meet with you I have my contact information above.


Thank you for thinking about me for the position.


Sincerely yours,

Maria Herrera.