Drafting Emails

The ESL at Olympic Steel drafted these wonderful emails in class. This group used the present continuous to describe what they are doing at this very moment. Great job, guys! :)

Click on each picture to view the email BIGGER.

Black History Month Celebration at the Siler City Center

Students in ESL, ABE, GED, and AHS participated if the Black History Celebrations. Everybody did an EXTRAORDINARY job in their presentations. Special thanks to Ms. Della who organized the event so diligently.

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African Roots in Latin Dance

Merengue is the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic. It has strong African roots. Merengue originated from the African slaves working in sugar beet fields in the Caribbean. It was originally a circle dance, but now it is a very popular couple’s dance all over the world.

USPS Collection

USPS Collection

Merengue is easy to dance. Here is a demo video of the basic steps:

Now, LET’S DANCE!!:)

Our Favorite Merengue Song:

My Family and Friends

ESL Beginners wrote these great paragraphs about their families:

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Lesson on How to Use a Netbook or a Laptop Computer

Our student teacher Kalie, planned a lesson on how to use a netbook or laptop computer. Students succeeded in turning it on/off, finding wireless connection, and browsing the ESL Blog. WHAT A WONDERFUL CLASS! Thanks, Kalie :)

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Kalie’s Last Day of Internship

Kalie completed her last class for her TESOL Certificate internship. She planned a lesson on shopping and money. Students had a chance to do some role-playing at the store. What a fun and engaging class! GREAT JOB!

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Students’ Emails

Students in Jisselle’s class drafted emails in class and then sent them to their teacher Jisselle. GREAT JOB, guys! KUDOS to Ms. Jisselle :)

Hi Betty   how are you?  how was you weekend?                                                                           my weekend  was fine,  but i am ready for go to work this week.  would you like to  get together this   weekend? how bout  Sunday? i will go  to the shopping mall on Sunday in the afternoon  if you  are busy, we will go next weekend. think about it. call me  and let me know. Talk to you  soon.                                                                                                                         Lorena Sorto
Hi Brother,
How are you? Would you like to get together this Week.  I’m going to  Miami F.L. If your are busy,We could do something on Sunday.

On Sunday, I’m going to visit my uncle, Them we’re going to go play soccer, would you like to come with us? Think about it.

I’m call you tonight, talk to you soon

Hugo Cano

Hi katy, How are you doing??? I hope you are doing well.
I just want to tell you that next week i will take a vacation week of my job,
I also want to know if you would like to come to visit me, or if you want me to go at your house and go somewhere and  have fun. I prefer that you come to visit me but if you could not come i will go visit you.
Also I just changed my phone number that I had, so if you want to give me a call to talk  a little bit more about my plan, my new  phone number is 919-XXX-XXXX.
I hope to see you soon.
Jose V.
 Hi Norma,

How are you? How was your day today? I am so tired, and you, How do you feel. I hope you feel better, than me. What will you do on Saturday, I would like to invite you to eat out this weekend , do you have time? If you are busy, call me, because I am waiting for you at the Mexican restaurant close to Walmart, if you would like to come I will pay whatever you eat. Ereneida Duarte

Hi Ana how are you? I am happy I have an invitation for you. would you like to go with me next Saturday to the mall? I want go to shopping  and after go to the restaurant if you accept my invitation please call me.

Andrea Palacios

Dear Christian

How are you? how was you practice on Tuesday?

My practice was fine but I”m glad it”s Friday.

I’m ready to play the final,

We will play the final game on Saturday at 3:00pm

would you like to meet me at the restaurant closed to the house.

and eat breakfast together then play the soccer game final with our team.

 Crispin Fermnandez

Hi Vianey,

How are you ? what are your plans this weekend?

My plans for this weekend are:Saturday I’m going to work.after work I will go to the mall with my children and my husband .and on Sunday in the morning I’m going to church .we would like you came with us and after we are going to visit my mother law okay I ‘ll call you tonight.

Maria Basilio

Dear Maria,
how are you ? This weekend I plan  to go to a friends birthday party then I’m going to the grocery store so I will see  you on Monday .

Have a nice weekend,

Norma Perdomo  

Working Together Conference

11th Annual Coalition for Family Peace Conference
Friday December 13, 2013 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST

Central Carolina Community College, Pittsboro
764 West Street
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Early-bird rates extended through this Friday, 11/22/13!
Register now for the 11th annual Working Together to Keep Families Safe Conference, focusing on domestic and sexual violence response and prevention.
We’ve got a great conference planned including sessions on: trauma-informed care; engaging men and bystanders; how trauma affects investigation and prosecution; activism around sexual assault; including the LGBTQ community in anti-sexual violence work; and how the social determinants of health impact prevention of domestic violence. We’ll also enjoy boxed lunches by the Carolina Brewery.
The 2013 conference is sponsored by Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services, the Coalition for Family Peace, and the Chatham County Partnership for Children. The Coalition for Family Peace is Chatham’s coordinated community response to domestic and sexual violence. 
If you have questions about registration, please contact Nickie Siler by email at nickie@fvrc.org or by phone at 919.542.5445